Homebase, is a tabletop company renowned for its quality and creativity. It is a member of the Inhesion group and serves as the general agent for notable international brands including RUYI (brand stands for the oriental aesthetics), LEGLE PORCELAIN (porcelain from France), SPIEGELAU (Germany wine glassware) and STUDIO WILLIAM (cutlery) in Chinese mainland. In addition, Homebase is also an agent of PILLIVUYT (French tableware), LAGUIOLE EN AUBRAC (handmade knives and wine openers), GILLES (handmade knives) and SOLA (cutlery), etc. Working with the top hotels, restaurants and institutions, Homebase offers a very special service to chefs and food and beverage teams, using its creative team, led by our CEO and head of creative resources Desmond Chang (Cong Zhang), to create bespoke, uniquely designed, exclusive tableware to enhance the dining experience. This personal service, drawing on the considerable skills of the Homebase team to offer a creative input into the process of selecting and creating catering tableware, is something very special to the company.

Inhesion Group

Inhesion Group, established since 1979 as a decal transfer printer, has built up its leadership role in ceramics industry for more than three decades. It is well known by many that the reason why Inhesion has been able to capture the markets so well is due largely to the fact that it is able to offer their clients and partners a vertically integrated network of services starting from product development, design execution, manufacturing, packaging, and all the way to the finished product’s marketing. One only needs to see how the Inhesion Group has branched out to appreciate how its commendable status is achieved.